BioZone Scientific’s Hotel Odor Removal Solutions

You only get one chance to make a good first impression on customers, and hotel cleaning staff often have a tough task in removing unwanted odors from guest rooms. BioZone Scientific’s advanced technology applications offer environmentally friendly alternatives to effectively remove – not mask – unwanted and unpleasant odors caused by harmful bacteria, and prevents microorganisms that cause bad odors from regenerating.

BioZone Scientific’s commercial line of odor control products offer solutions to attack odors at their source to remove smells such as cigarette and cigar smoke, incense, perfumes, foods, and other undesirable odors.

BioZone Scientific’s solutions for guest room odor removal work quickly and can be automated to help hotel staff turnover rooms smoothly and efficiently in preparation to receive the next happy occupant.

Our Odor Removal solutions offer many advantages for Hospitality applications:

  • Covering up odors only leaves them to return later. Save time and costs when you eliminate odors at their source with BioZone Scientific solutions.
  • Our technology destroys odor-causing bacteria to prevent them from ever returning.
  • Improve your company’s image and increase customer satisfaction by providing friendlier smelling sanitary environments.
  • Remove odors from even the most demanding sites, quickly, to reduce turnover time in spaces such as hotel rooms, company vehicles and public spaces.
  • Provide a friendlier smelling environment and improve customer loyalty.

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