BioZone Scientific’s IceZone® Series

Every commercial ice machine can benefit from installation of IceZone®. IceZone® prevents slime, mold, yeast, and bacteria from accumulating in ice machines, ice bins, and beverage dispensers. IceZone®’s patented PlasmaProtect® system distributes photoplasma throughout the equipment to target areas most vulnerable to neutralize and kill micro-organisms before they can take root. IceZone® performance has been validated by independent third party laboratories to reduce surface bacteria and yeast on ice machine surfaces by over 99%.

BioZone Scientific’s IceZone® ice machine disinfection system meets the highest food service standards and is certified by NSF, UL, CE, and HACCP. IceZone® is a chemical-free clean-in-place system that is approved for use on over 800 commercial ice machines to provide automated equipment cleaning.

IceZone® is widely used by ice machine manufacturers and ice machine owners/operators including equipment leasing and rental companies, hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, school, restaurants and other foodservice facilities.

IceZone® Advantages:

  • Generates great savings on ice machine cleaning costs by eliminating the need for frequent cleanings by up to 75%
  • Offers great savings on ice machine maintenance costs by reducing equipment downtime and technical malfunctions by up to 75%
  • Extends the life of your ice maker
Untreated ice machine 5 weeks after cleaning

Untreated ice machine: 5 weeks after cleaning

Treated with IceZone®: 12 weeks after cleaning

Treated with IceZone®: 12 weeks after cleaning

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"We purchased IceZone® in an effort to automate the cleaning processes for our equipment and relieve challenges associated with maintaining the proper sanitation requirements for our ice machines. IceZone® installed quickly and easily onto our machine and has been providing exceptional performance since our adoption of this technology. Our purchasing experience has been very positive and I would highly recommend IceZone® to any owner/operator with the SUBWAY® organization."

- Kenneth Wilson, SUBWAY® Owner

IceZone® removed most of the costs and problems associated with my ice machine. As a result, I expect to significantly reduce my annual equipment maintenance budget and that money is add straight to my bottom line. IceZone® was easy to order and simple to install. The results in keeping our ice machines clean have far exceeded my expectations after several months. I only wish that I would have known about IceZone® sooner. I gladly recommend IceZone® to anyone within the SUBWAY® system."

- Nelda Doss, SUBWAY® Owner

NRA KI 2014 Award

IceZone® X is the recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® 2014 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.

IceZone® X was selected for the 2014 Kitchen Innovations Award by an independent panel of foodservice industry who’s-whos. Kitchen Innovations Award recipients are selected because they demonstrate a solution to restaurant operator challenges. IceZone® X saves restaurant operators considerable time and money by automating cleaning and preventing ice machine contamination. Visit the National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovations site for more information.