CoilCare® UV Surface Disinfection

BioZone Scientific's CoilCare® UVGI surface disinfection systems are proven to generate significant energy savings for HVAC users by eliminating existing biofilm and preventing new biofilm build-up on cooling coils, drain pans, and ventilation ducting. Studies have shown that the technology used in BioZone Scientific’s CoilCare® can eliminate over 99% of microbial contaminants growing on HVAC surfaces.

CoilCare® systems prevent fouling of HVAC equipment surfaces including cooling coils, drain pans, and ventilation ductwork. By eliminating the buildup of biological pollution, BioZone Scientific’s solutions also eliminate the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals, which may leave harmful liquid or aerosol residue behind. CoilCare®’s Clean-In-Place solutions offer chemical-free preventative maintenance for HVAC systems commonly found in hotels and hospitality properties, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and educational facilities, and foodservice buildings.

BioZone Scientific’s advanced solutions are designed to seamlessly fit into new air handling systems and easily retrofit into existing HVAC systems.

CoilCare® Advantages:

  • Decrease HVAC system energy consumption up to a 25% by eliminating accumulated biofilm, thus increasing cooling coil efficiency and decreasing pressure drop across the coil
  • Prevent excessive energy consumption by inhibiting biofilm accumulation—preventing the growth of just a 300 micron biofilm prevents an over 10% increase in energy usage
  • Reduce spreading of airborne bacteria and viruses, thus decreasing risk of infectious diseases and absenteeism
  • BioZone Scientific provides detailed expected kill rates to accompany sizing calculations for each project