The BioZone AC® System for Restroom Odor Control

BioZone Scientific’s BioZone AC® system is your solution for restroom/washroom hygiene and odor control. Sanitary facilities are known for unpleasant odors, infectious micro-organisms, mold and other harmful impurities as well as harsh fumes from chemical cleaners and fragrance dispensers. The BioZone AC® is the most advanced restroom/washroom air treatment and odor control system on the market. BioZone AC® destroys odors, bacteria, viruses, mold, fumes and other impurities in the air and on surfaces. BioZone AC® excels in even the most challenging environments, such as highly trafficked areas, where other odor and hygiene control methods fail. BioZone AC® is easy to install and requires minimal annual maintenance.

Please note: Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California.

BioZone AC® Advantages:

  • Removes odors at their source—does not simply mask odors
  • Kills germs by destroying bacteria both in the air and on surfaces throughout the area in which it is installed
  • Chemical free
  • Increases customer and employee satisfaction
  • Low maintenance and low energy usage
  • Unlike fragrance dispensers, no consumables needing frequent replacement, such as fragrance cartridges or batteries
  • Vandalism resistant and easy to install and maintain
  • Improves company image highlighting Green Initiative solutions
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